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DDW 2008 News—Acotiamide: New Med for GI Upset

A group of researchers tested a new medicine for control of postprandial distress syndrome (bloating and dyspepsia after meals). The new medicine, Acotiamide, improves digestive movement by reducing the gastric emptying time. In this report on a few hundered subjects with dyspepsia, researchers showed that Acotiamide relieved symptoms better than the placebo (58% of cases versus 48%, respectively). Although the researchers presented a postive study, the effect of the new medication could be considered modest at best for this indication. Acotiamide has yet to be approved by the FDA. (DDW Abstract T1027, May 19, 2008, Kei Matsueda, et.al.)
2008-05-29 04:24:51

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