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IBS Symptom Relief at Home

The symptoms of IBS can be relieved with cognitive behavioral therapy, which has traditionally involved costly sessions with a trained therapist. However, a successful new alternative program, developed by Dr. Jeffery Lackner at the University of Buffalo, allows patients to undergo the same treatment in the comfort of their homes for a fraction of the cost. Lackner studied the effectiveness of the program by using three groups: a therapist-assisted group, a home-based program group, and a control group that simply monitored their symptoms. Seventy-two percent of the home-based group reported improvement, as opposed to 60.9% in the therapist-assisted group. Lackner cites the study as an important find and suggests that further research be done to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. Medical News Today, June 26, 2008
2008-07-03 20:29:15

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