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Kefirís Questionable Health Benefits

Kefir is a yogurt-like beverage, containing different types of bacterial cultures and yeast, that has been advertized as a probiotic product. The advantage of probiotics, which contain beneficial microorganisms, is that they can contribute to the health of the digestive tract. The list of claims by proponents also include curing cancer, boosting the immune system, reducing high cholesterol, and controlling high blood pressure. However, to date these claims have not been proven scientifically. The studies that have been performed mainly involved rodents and did not use traditional kefir. The results are also conflicting. Despite all these shortcomings in scientific back-up of this product, it is reasonable to assume that kefir is nutritious, aids with the digestion of lactose, and helps to maintain balance in the digestive tract microflora. Los Angeles Times, Sept. 15, 2008
2008-09-28 12:34:38

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