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Beyond Transformers: The Movie: A Self-Assembling Robocam

It is often important for doctors to have a close look at the pathologies in the stomach and intestines. However, there are certain part of the digestive tract that is hard to reach using conventional endoscopic techniques. The development of small pill-sized cameras currently allows doctors to see the small bowel, but doctors cannot control the speed of the passage or the view of the capsule. In response to these deficiencies, a team of European scientists is currently working on a new camera that will magnetically assemble itself after being swallowed. The device consists of several capsules, each of which performs a different function. Some functions including taking pictures, powering the device, and taking samples. Current imaging capsules are difficult to swallow due to their size; the new design will be smaller and more flexible. Technology Review, September 22, 2008
2008-09-28 12:37:48

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