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IBS and Dyspepsia Common Among Female Veterans

In a study of IBS and dyspepsia and their relationships with psychological distress, researchers at the Houston Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston found that 38% of female participants in the study showed signs of IBS. Of these, 99% experienced diarrhea and 52% reported constipation. Dyspepsia and indigestion were reported by 21% of respondents, while 15% had symptoms of both dyspepsia and IBS. Of the psychological disorders examined in this study, anxiety most closely correlated with either IBS or dyspepsia. Due to high number of the people with digestive disorders, researchers suggest that it might be helpful to screen female veterans for the digestive disorders and address the problems as needed. MedWire News, January 5, 2009
2009-01-09 16:19:55

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