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The Price of Gluten Free

Patients with celiac disease can suffer life-threatening problems, including low bone density, anemia, and serious malnutrition. There are many gluten-free food products on the market, but many are expensive, and health care plans do not reimburse the purchases. Because drug makers have not been interested in celiac disease, much of the medical community is not aware of the disease, and health care companies are reluctant to pay. Ready-made gluten-free products can be expensive, so some strategies to cut costs include getting a dietary consultation, reading labels for wheat fillers, and making gluten-free products at home. Stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s offer prepared foods, and support groups may offer cooking suggestions. The article also suggests that you can claim a write-off for certain expenses. The New York Times, August 14, 2009
2009-10-03 18:03:25

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