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Antibiotic Wars

  2009-10-03 18:16:27

Overuse of antibiotics may lead to the death of good gut bacteria, according to a study performed on mice ...   read more

Psyllium Fiber the Best Treatment for IBS

  2009-10-03 18:00:06

Soluble psyllium fiber is the most effective treatment for IBS, according to researchers in the Netherlands. Many people use ...   read more

Celiac Cure in a Pill

  2009-07-09 09:36:56

For people with celiac disease, a meal involving wheat products can trigger stomach cramping, diarrhea, and bloating. The condition ...   read more

Japanese Meds for GI Problems

  2009-04-12 17:32:24

Some Japanese tradition herbal formulas may help patients with GI problems who experience unwanted side effects of conventional Western ...   read more

Broccoli Sprouts Control Harmful Bacteria

  2009-04-12 17:28:56

Broccoli sprouts contain sulforaphane, a compound that can act as an antibiotic, reducing the prevalence of H. pylori in ...   read more

No More Needles!

  2009-03-30 20:21:36

Northwestern University researchers are working on an oral vaccine that uses probiotics for the delivery of the vaccine. The ...   read more

An Aspirin a Day Keeps the Polyps Away

  2009-02-28 20:37:38

Researchers in the U.S. and Europe have shown that aspirin helps reduce the likelihood of developing colon polyps, which ...   read more

Probiotic Power!

  2009-02-15 14:57:01

Many researchers and lay people believe that probiotics, good microorganisms that are found in the body, can be beneficial ...   read more

New Heartburn Drug Approved

  2009-02-15 14:55:57

The FDA has approved heartburn drug Kapidex as a prescription proton-pump inhibitor. Kapidex is in the same class as ...   read more

Review of IBS Treatments for 2008

  2009-01-05 18:12:27

Doctors at the American College of Gastroenterology recently reviewed over 300 studies on IBS and created an updated list ...   read more

Compound in Olive Skin Fights Colon Cancer

  2009-01-05 18:11:15

Researchers in Granada and Barcelona have discovered that maslinic acid, a compound occurring naturally in the leaves and skin ...   read more

Dietary Treatments for IBS

  2008-12-05 09:31:35

Because IBS symptoms are unique for each individual, people who think they have IBS should see a doctor for ...   read more

Peppermint: For More Than Just Candy Canes!

  2008-11-18 16:52:03

A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) shows that nearly half of patients with IBS experienced relief ...   read more

E-Consults on the Rise

  2008-07-29 19:45:58

The new trend in medical treatment is toward electronic medical consulting. Many physicians are offering consultations via the Internet ...   read more

IBS Symptom Relief at Home

  2008-07-03 20:29:15

The symptoms of IBS can be relieved with cognitive behavioral therapy, which has traditionally involved costly sessions with a ...   read more

Spicy-Hot News: Chili Peppers Provide Link to IBS Pain

  2008-06-20 18:48:29

Scientists in Great Britain recently discovered that TRPV1, the pain receptor that responds to the compound that causes the ...   read more

New Drug Offers Constipation Relief – Without Risk of Heart Problems

  2008-06-15 17:59:49

Dr. Michael Camilleri and fellow researchers at the Mayo Clinic tested a new drug called prucalopride on 620 volunteers ...   read more

Constipation Drug for Chronically Ill Patients on Painkillers

  2008-06-02 04:37:56

Methylnaltrexone has been approved by the FDA for once-daily use in patients who suffer from constipation due to opioid ...   read more

New Drug Offers Constipation Relief – Without Risk of Heart Problems

  2008-06-02 04:37:38

Dr. Michael Camilleri and fellow researchers at the Mayo Clinic tested a new drug called prucalopride on 620 volunteers ...   read more

DDW 2008 News—Acotiamide: New Med for GI Upset

  2008-05-29 04:24:51

A group of researchers tested a new medicine for control of postprandial distress syndrome (bloating and dyspepsia after meals). ...   read more

Amitiza Approved for Female IBS Patients

  2008-05-02 11:28:29

The drug lubiprostone (Amitiza) has been approved by the FDA for women with IBS-related constipation (IBS-C), which makes it ...   read more

New Constipation Drug Under Development

  2008-04-17 13:48:12

Callisto Pharmaceuticals has submitted an investigational new drug (IND) application to study a substance SP-304 (Guanilib) related to a ...   read more

It’s Nothing—Or Is It? Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

  2008-04-12 11:19:16

Have you ever had a symptom you neglected to report to your doctor because you felt it was insignificant? ...   read more

Novartis Further Restricts Use of Zelnorm

  2008-04-12 11:17:37

Due to unstated reasons, Swiss drug maker Novartis has further limited distribution of Zelnorm, the only FDA-approved drug that ...   read more

Virtual Pharmacy Attempts Move Into U.S. IBS Market

  2008-01-10 11:02:59

AGI Therapeutics is a small company of just 10 employees. However, this tiny Ireland-based pharmaceuticals company is tackling a ...   read more

New Vendor for an Existing Medicine for IBS with Diarrhea

  2007-11-18 14:40:32

A diagnostic test development company, Prometheus Laboratories, Inc., acquired the exclusive right to distribute Lotronex® in the United States. ...   read more

New Option for the Treatment of IBS with Constipation is on the Horizon

  2007-11-18 14:39:16

Dynogen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced the start of an early phase of clinical research of their new medicine which promotes ...   read more

Is IBS an Infectious Disease?

  2007-10-10 12:32:20

A new study released by Associated Press showed that an antibiotic called Rifaximin can improve the symptoms of IBS. ...   read more

A New Medicine on Horizon for Patients with IBS

  2007-10-10 12:31:37

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals submitted a supplemental new drug application to the FDA to market their drug, Amitiza®, currently used for ...   read more

Is Zelnorm® on Its Way Back to Market?

  2007-10-10 12:30:41

Novartis , the pharmaceutical company that produces Zelnorm®, is now allowed to distribute the drug on a limited basis ...   read more

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