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CT Colonography as a Triage Instrument

  2009-10-03 17:50:53

A study in the journal Gut shows that CT colonography is not an efficient method of screening after a ...   read more

Possible Genetic Link for Colorectal Cancer

  2009-08-04 19:27:11

An international team of researchers had isolated a genetic marker that could predict a person’s likelihood for developing colorectal ...   read more

New Tool for Detecting GI Cancers

  2009-07-09 09:39:19

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic are working on developing a stool DNA test to determine the presence of cancerous ...   read more

Dietary Analysis Through Urine Sample

  2009-03-30 20:20:40

A simple urine test can pinpoint unhealthy diets, according to a study performed by the University of Toronto. Direct ...   read more

Colonoscopy No More!

  2009-01-05 18:10:02

A new stool-sample test may eliminate the need for colonoscopies, according to Dr. Steven Itzkowitz of Mount Sinai School ...   read more

iPill: Doc in a Capsule?

  2008-11-18 16:56:11

Philips, a Dutch hospital equipment maker, has designed a multifunction capsule that serves as camera, microprocessor, radio, pump, computer, ...   read more

New Test for H. pylori Infection

  2008-11-10 16:52:56

A team of scientists at Northwestern University in Illinois recently devised a test to identify the presence of Heliobacter ...   read more

New Study Involves Polyp-Detection Probe

  2008-10-21 15:22:57

A new instrument, called a polarization-gated spectroscopy probe, under study at Northwestern University in Illinois may be able to ...   read more

Beyond Transformers: The Movie: A Self-Assembling Robocam

  2008-09-28 12:37:48

It is often important for doctors to have a close look at the pathologies in the stomach and intestines. ...   read more

GI Robocam Under Development

  2008-08-05 19:39:24

Researchers in the NanoRobotics Lab at Carnegie Mellon University have created a tiny robot camera that can be anchored ...   read more

Down the Hatch: Controllable Pill-Sized Camera Facilitates Internal Exams

  2008-06-15 17:58:52

Pill-sized cameras are not new; however, a new camera designed by German scientists can be controlled by a magnetic ...   read more

DDW 2008 News—Intestinal Subclinical Inflammation and Bacterial Overgrowth in IBS

  2008-05-29 04:23:16

This study used the breath test to detect signs of bacterial overgrowth in adults with IBS. Forty percent of ...   read more

A New Blood Test for IBS

  2008-05-27 22:37:43

Prometheus Diagnostics recently launched a new diagnostic blood test for IBS. This test consists of 10 biomarkers, chosen by ...   read more

Lactulose Breath Testing: Not a Viable Diagnostic Tool

  2008-05-02 11:27:11

In a recent report published by the American Journal of Gastroenterology, researchers at Northwestern University used lactulose breath test ...   read more

New IBS Diagnostic Method

  2008-04-15 08:55:54

A new sonographic method called sonoenteroclysis has been shown to be comparable to barium enteroclysis in helping assess and ...   read more

SIBO or IBS? The answer is a breath away.

  2007-12-25 01:54:34

Shortly after birth, the human digestive tract is populated by many kinds of bacteria. In some cases the bacteria ...   read more

Can Video Capsule Endoscopy Detect Undiagnosed Cases of Crohn's Disease?

  2007-10-22 13:30:01

A new report from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center showed capsule endoscopy detected cases of Crohn's disease of ...   read more

Genetic Test for Diagnosis of Lactose Intolerance

  2007-10-10 12:33:33

A genetic test may replace the hydrogen breath testing for diagnosis of lactose intolerance in IBS subjects. Researchers in ...   read more

Potential Stool Test for Detecting Bowel Inflammation

  2007-10-10 12:33:00

A study group from Germany reported that a new diagnostic stool test that can differentiate Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) ...   read more

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