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Medications’ Side Effects May Cause GI Upset

  2009-10-03 18:12:19

Diarrhea is the body’s natural defense against bugs like E. coli. Many common medications can create digestive problems, including ...   read more

Summer Tummy Savers!

  2009-08-04 19:31:05

Summer foods can trigger your IBS in many ways. As you do the picnic circuit, keep your trigger foods ...   read more

Constipation Triggers Host of Other Health Issues

  2009-07-09 09:52:26

About 63 millions American suffer from constipation, a private and embarrassing health condition. However, the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville finds ...   read more

No-No Foods for IBS Patients

  2009-05-19 09:26:59

While the cause of IBS is not known, many people report that their symptoms are triggered by certain foods. ...   read more

IBS Has Serious Impact on Quality of Life

  2009-05-19 09:25:55

IBS is a condition that is not well understood but affects as many as 45 million Americans. One of ...   read more

Celiac Disease Diagnosed as IBS

  2009-05-03 10:15:05

A recent meta-analysis of 14 studies examined patients with and without symptoms that could be clinically diagnosed as IBS ...   read more

Eat More Slowly for Better Health!

  2009-03-10 13:49:50

Nutritionists are touting the benefits of slowing down mealtime in our fast-paced society. Fast eating can lead to obesity ...   read more

Dietary Dilemmas Abroad

  2009-03-10 13:47:01

For those with dietary restrictions, travel can be difficult at best, life threatening at worst. This article provides tips ...   read more

Coconut Flour for Celiacs

  2009-03-10 13:45:50

For those with celiac disease, coconut flour may be a helpful alternative to wheat products. You can use coconut ...   read more

Zagat Tackles Medical Field

  2009-02-28 20:35:32

The familiar Zagat restaurant-rating system is moving into new territory—healthcare. The insurance company Wellpoint is providing customers in several ...   read more

Economic Crisis Causes Mental and Physical Anguish

  2009-02-15 14:58:23

Dr. Farhadi cautions that stress produced by the economic crisis could cause physical symptoms such as IBS flare up. ...   read more

Food Allergies: False Positives Persistent Problem

  2009-02-15 14:54:55

Many parents believe their children are sensitive to common foods such as eggs, milk, and peanuts. However, extensive testing ...   read more

The Scoop on “Gluten-Free”

  2009-01-25 18:07:19

There are many gluten-free products on the market today, and some people mistake this trend to be a new ...   read more

In Pursuit of ... Regularity

  2009-01-19 19:43:52

For all of those who have problem with constipation, this article offers practical advice. Curing constipation is as simple ...   read more

The Gluten Diet: Another Weight-Loss Fad

  2008-12-19 06:04:57

Many people are now looking at eliminating gluten to lose weight and improve health. In fact many gluten-free products ...   read more

Too Much of a Good Thing...

  2008-12-19 06:02:40

Like many other excesses in American culture, diet is no exception. American eat too much salt, too much fat, ...   read more

Allergen-Free Products: The Stars of the (Food) Show!

  2008-11-10 16:56:15

Companies at the Grocery Innovations Canada trade show, held in Toronto every year, showcased a large number of peanut- ...   read more

Gluten-Free Fad: Cause for Concern?

  2008-11-10 16:54:36

Many Americans avoid eating products that contain gluten. Some have been diagnosed with celiac disease; others believe that gluten ...   read more

Twin IBS Triggers: Stress and Diet

  2008-10-27 15:15:45

Holly Clark, a gastroenterologist at LDS Hospital, notes that stress and diet are two important factors to consider when ...   read more

Dietary Math: How to Add Fiber!

  2008-10-27 15:13:59

Most Americans do not get even half of the recommended fiber in their diets. So it is important to ...   read more

Constipated No More! Suggestions for a Change in Lifestyle

  2008-10-21 15:27:55

As many as 10 million Americans suffer from chronic constipation, including infrequent bowel movements, hard and lumpy stools, and ...   read more

More Fiber for Better Health

  2008-10-21 15:26:01

Fiber is indigestible plant material. It is a crucial part of our diet. Because it cannot be digested, fiber ...   read more

Fiber: What’s in a Name?

  2008-09-28 12:42:27

Did you know that the word fiber on a nutrition label, has several possible meanings? Fiber can be classified ...   read more

Destress for IBS Relief

  2008-09-06 15:15:23

The New York Times reports that IBS symptoms are often aggravated by stress. So it is important that people ...   read more

No-Gluten Explosion: New Products on the Rise

  2008-09-04 20:04:04

People who are gluten intolerant will be pleased to note that more gluten-free products are making their way to ...   read more

Beating the Bloating Blues?

  2008-08-15 05:09:43

A recent article in the British publication The Journal Live, suggests that patients who are diagnosed with irritable bowel ...   read more

Gluten-Free Beer for Arkansas

  2008-07-29 19:44:21

Arkansas now offers two brands of gluten-free beer to appease the approximately 30,000 celiacs who live in the state. ...   read more

Family United by Celiac Disease

  2008-07-08 19:46:15

One in 133 people in the U.S. are gluten intolerant. The Amadeo family of Des Moines, Iowa, happens to ...   read more

DDW 2008 News—Is Dietary Counseling for IBS Effective?

  2008-06-25 17:18:31

Researchers recruited 54 patients with constipation-predominant IBS to record complete food diaries before and three months after consultation with ...   read more

Help Yourself to Fiber and Help Yourself to Better Health

  2008-06-15 18:02:47

Dietary fiber has long been touted as a necessity; however only half of us get enough. This substance is ...   read more

Catering to Food Allergies: A New Task for Restaurants

  2008-05-02 11:25:49

Twelve million Americans have food allergies, and for many, this means that eating out is impossible. Dr. David Resnick ...   read more

Mom with a Mission

  2008-05-02 11:24:18

Jeanine Hengel is a Connecticut mom with a gluten-free mission. She has multiple food allergies, as does her son ...   read more

Stressed Out? Tips for a Healthier You

  2008-04-17 13:48:27

Chronic stress has detrimental effects on all body systems, and it is important to identify the causes and work ...   read more

Pick your Food or Fight! : How diet affect your diseases

  2008-02-26 20:31:20

A Study by York Test, a food intolerance testing firm, has found that the potato is the least likely ...   read more

Potassium Perk: Reduced Bloating

  2008-01-09 19:49:38

Many Americans complain of bloating, and potassium and dietary modification may present a solution. The American diet contains many ...   read more

Lactose Intolerance 101

  2008-01-09 19:48:09

Millions of people have difficulty digesting dairy products and, thinking they are allergic, omit dairy from their diets. However, ...   read more

Food Intolerance vs. Food Allergy

  2007-12-23 20:47:07

Many people have sensitivities to certain kinds of foods, which can cause a range of symptoms. But what is ...   read more

IBS is a significant cause of lost work hours

  2007-11-29 13:51:19

Researchers from Mayo Clinic College of Medicine presented their research data at the recent American College of Gastroenterology annual ...   read more

"BUGS" are they Friend or Foe?

  2007-11-27 18:56:39

For years ,we've been killing bacteria with any measure we could, using all kinds of antibacterial agents such as ...   read more

Aged Cheese can be better tolerated by individuals with lactose intolerance

  2007-11-27 08:22:40

Good news for cheese lovers who can not have their favorite food! Lactose intolerance is caused by a lack ...   read more

IBS Patients Are at Higher Risk for Unrelated Common Disorders.

  2007-10-26 13:50:57

IBS patients appear to show a general amplification of disease incidence. The disorders that are the most common in ...   read more

Skin Allergy Testing and IBS

  2007-10-10 12:29:26

Prior investigators have shown that individual foods can trigger symptoms in some patients 15-67% of IBS subjects may benefit ...   read more

Stress and Gut Bacteria

  2007-10-10 12:29:02

In a recent commentary paper that was published in GUT journal, the details of the changes in bacteria behavior ...   read more

How do the bacteria in my gut affect my IBS?

  2007-10-10 12:27:58

A new study from Finland showed that the fecal bacteria of patients with irritable bowel syndrome differ significantly from ...   read more

Can I Eventually Outgrow IBS?

  2007-10-10 12:25:49

Maybe. The researchers from Mayo Clinic reported data on 1,365 IBS patients that were followed for an average of ...   read more

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