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A friend of mine had a special CT scan named CT entroclysis for his abdominal pain. What is this test? Is it different from usual CT scan?

Dr. Farhadi: CT scan or CAT scan of the abdomen provides a three dimensional image of the abdominal cavity using x-ray beams. This imaging technique makes it possible to see the details of the organs inside the abdominal cavity, including the gastrointestinal tract. For better delineation of the gastrointestinal tract, this test is being performed after ingestion of an oral contrast agent. Due to the long length of the small bowel, usually the oral contrast is not well distributed all over the small bowel and subtle and small abnormalities in the small bowel could have been easily missed. Recently, the radiologist came up with the new idea of using a large amount of very dilute oral contrast to further improve the quality of the small bowel imaging. Using this newer technique it possible to perform abdominal CT scan and a dedicated small bowel x-ray study at the same time (two birds with one stone). This test is the preferred method for investigation of abdominal pain in some centers. However, it needs a special oral contract, a dedicated CT technician and a radiologist familiar with this test. Thus, this test is only being performed in a limited number of medical centers.
2007-11-06 10:55:08

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