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A friend of mine who has IBS told me she benefits from biofeedback. Is this a form of treatment in IBS?

Dr. Drossman: Yes, biofeedback can be a treatment for IBS. You may be referring to generalized biofeedback which is a method where you learn to relax your body (skeletal) muscles such as the trapezius or back muscles or the neck or facial muscles by observing the tension of these muscles on a computer screen. Through practice, as your muscles relax, you can achieve a general state of relaxation and this can help reduce your bowel symptoms. This is similar to other psychological treatments including hypnosis and stress management of cognitive behavioral therapy. Within the field of gastroenterology, there is another type of biofeedback called anorectal biofeedback. Here the probe that senses the muscle tension is applied specifically to the muscles of the pelvic floor rather than to the muscles of the body, but the goal is the same, to teach the pelvic floor muscles to relax.
2007-11-06 10:57:39

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