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Two months ago I was diagnosed with IBS. I read that stress can make my IBS worse. Is this true? What can I do to reduce stress?

  2008-10-25 07:53:50

Angela Johnoson: Yes, it is true. According to a recent article in WebMD, stress is thought to either ...   read more

What kind of fiber is available in the market?

  2008-10-25 07:53:25

Sue Mikolaitis: Fiber comes from a variety of foods and dietary supplements and is essential to maintaining the ...   read more

I did not have any GI problems until 4 months ago when I have surgery for my appendix. Could a surgery like this result in IBS?

  2008-03-28 10:23:45

Dr. Drossman: Yes this is possible. We now understand that an infection of the bowel like a bacterial ...   read more

Do some foods cause more allergic reactions than others?

  2008-03-28 06:29:28

Dr. Tobin: In adults, the foods that most commonly cause allergic reactions, such as swelling, skin rashes, ...   read more

Yesterday when I ate a piece of banana, my lip swelled up. I have eaten bananas before without a problem. Will I continue to have this problem from now on?

  2008-01-24 20:20:04

Dr. Tobin: This will most likely continue to happen to some degree. Your reaction to the banana can ...   read more

Iíve heard people talk about coping mechanisms for IBS. What exactly are they referring to?

  2008-01-24 20:18:23

Dr. Jedel: There are a number of effective coping mechanisms (or techniques) for people with IBS. A lot ...   read more

A friend of mine started a gluten-free diet for her IBS, and she was saying that she feels much better, even though she did not have celiac disease when she was tested. How this can be right?

  2008-01-24 20:17:10

Dr. Mikolaitis: Diet has been proposed to play a role in functional gastrointestinal disorders for many years. Interestingly, ...   read more

I have trouble sleeping and I feel very tired during the day. Is this related to IBS?

  2007-11-20 20:12:16

Dr. Farhadi: Yes. There are several studies that demonstrated a close relationship between sleep and gastrointestinal symptoms. The ...   read more

I am planning to get pregnant in near future. Does pregnancy affect IBS?

  2007-11-06 10:58:14

Dr. Farhadi: As you know, IBS mainly affects young people in their reproductive years and also affects women ...   read more

I observe my religious fasting days and last year when I was fasting for a few days, I noticed a significant improvement in my symptoms. Does fasting affect the symptoms of IBS?

  2007-11-06 10:57:21

Dr. Farhadi: The studies on this subject are very limited. There is a relatively good study from Japan ...   read more

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