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I have constipation and each time I have to strain a lot. I do not have any abdominal pain or other symptoms. Do I have IBS?

  2007-11-06 10:56:59

Dr. Drossman: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is diagnosed when there is a combination of symptoms, specifically abdominal pain ...   read more

I cannot tolerate milk. Each time I drink milk, I have bloating and diarrhea. Is this a milk allergy?

  2007-11-06 10:55:57

Dr. Tobin: This is not a milk allergy. This reaction is typical for lactose intolerance. This is caused ...   read more

I have abdominal pain and cramps that relieves with bowel movement for 4 weeks. My stool is some how looser when I have pain. A few months ago I had the same symptoms for 4 weeks. Do I have IBS or not?

  2007-11-06 10:55:42

Dr. Drossman: Possibly. It is not uncommon for individuals to experience pain and bowel symptoms like diarrhea in ...   read more

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