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I have heard that there is camera that can show the entire gastrointestinal system. Should I get this test as part of work-up for IBS?

  2007-12-25 01:38:38

Dr. Farhadi: Pillcam ® is a very small camera that can fit into a pill size capsule and ...   read more

What tests are available for finding food allergies?

  2007-12-07 07:26:26

Dr. Tobin: When trying to see if there is a food allergy, it is important to keep a ...   read more

What is SmartPill® Gastrointestinal (GI) Monitoring System and does it have any role in IBS?

  2007-11-06 10:57:54

Dr. Farhadi: The SmartPill® Gastrointestinal (GI) Monitoring System is an ingestible capsule which measures pressure, acidity and temperature ...   read more

A friend of mine had a special CT scan named CT entroclysis for his abdominal pain. What is this test? Is it different from usual CT scan?

  2007-11-06 10:55:08

Dr. Farhadi: CT scan or CAT scan of the abdomen provides a three dimensional image of the abdominal ...   read more

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