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Iím a 39-year-old female with IBS. Iíve been working with a dietitian who specializes in GI issues to help me make positive changes to my diet. In addition to eating healthy, I might be interested in incorporating herbs into my care. How would you suggest I do this?

  2009-01-09 16:28:10

Angela Johnson: First of all, itís great that youíve made a commitment to eat a more healthy diet. ...   read more

What is noni juice? Is this herbal remedy effective for IBS?

  2008-08-24 16:32:39

Dr. Brown: Noni is a small tree in the family Rubiaceae. It is grown in the Pacific islands, ...   read more

Recently, a friend suggested that I incorporate acupuncture into my care to treat my IBS. What is acupuncture and will it help me?

  2008-07-26 20:36:24

A Johnson: Great question. You will be happy to know that acupuncture might be a very helpful ...   read more

I used to chew gum all the time. Since I read your book and thought about it, I stopped for a few days, and the bloating and discomfort I had for long time went away. Is this possible?

  2008-04-25 14:07:34

Dr. Farhadi: Yes. Why not? Different kinds of gum contain a lot of sweeteners like Sorbitol and other ...   read more

What is Iberogast? Does this herbal remedy have any potential for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome?

  2008-03-22 07:55:02

Dr. Brown: Iberogast is an herbal medicine being used in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome in Germany ...   read more

I saw the advertisement for a live bacteria, VSL#3, in the newspaper. What is this bacteria, and will it help my IBS?

  2008-01-05 12:15:40

Dr. Farhadi: VSL#3ģ is a probiotic. Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria that survive the digestion process and therefore ...   read more

Yesterday when I went to a health food store, I saw a lot of herbal medicines for improving the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Are these remedies effective and safe?

  2008-01-05 11:50:37

Dr. Brown: Herbal medicines have been used for centuries to treat functional bowel diseases. Recently Western literature has ...   read more

What are the common herbal medicines in IBS? Are they effective and safe?

  2007-12-07 07:27:53

Dr. Drossman There are no scientifically established types of herbal medicines to treat IBS, though there may ...   read more

My father-in-law uses Aloe Vera juice and encourages me to use it. He believes that this herb is great for digestive health. Is there any truth to his claim?

  2007-11-06 10:58:59

Dr. Brown: Aloe Vera is a plant that can produce latex. The gel that is extracted from its ...   read more

A friend of mine who has IBS told me she benefits from biofeedback. Is this a form of treatment in IBS?

  2007-11-06 10:57:39

Dr. Drossman: Yes, biofeedback can be a treatment for IBS. You may be referring to generalized biofeedback which ...   read more

A friend of mine bought Peppermint teabags from health store and drinks a cup or two every day. He thinks it helps with his food digestion. Is that right?

  2007-11-06 10:56:39

Dr. Brown: Peppermint oil has been has been extensively investigated in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. ...   read more

Iíve heard that IBS can be treated by hypnosis. Is that true?

  2007-11-06 10:46:55

Dr. Jedel: Since current medical treatments do not alleviate all patientsí symptoms of IBS, a number of alternative ...   read more

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